Of signs and numbers

So here we are, a new year, a new vibe, an alleged excitement to complete all the undone and achieve all the desired. Some have education related ambitions, some have family related issues, some are in desperate need of a job or a spouse and some just want to get LUCKY. Yeah you read it right, the key to their success and its éclat.

With the twenty first century turning eighteen, we have swiftly breezed into an era of unanticipated hustle and impromptu bustle; but the best part about us Indians is that we’ve always been sticking to our ‘roots’. Our ROOTS which tell us that the position of some star will affect us this year and the movement of such and such planet will affect a certain part of our year cocksurely. Our ROOTS which tell us that no matter what we decide upon doing the whole year, we’ll abide scrupulously to the particulars we consummated on the very first day of the year. Our ROOTS which have been influencing our power of decision-making and instead of positive driving forces, have become barriers in employing our culminating abilities to accomplish the yearned causatum.

Before the flag bearers of folklore and the harbingers of draconian, iron-fisted superstitions start falsifying and misconstruing my demeanour towards their elucidation of cult and credence, I’ll not miss clapping hands on this moment to be prudent enough and disclaim that all I have my eyes on is the discouragement and demotivation the so called fortune predictions result into. Once forecasted or forespoken by a pretentious prophesier, the rather misconjectures are frantically followed and we start to crawl under the profound murkiness of the proposed piece of hunch.

Though in a civilisation like India it is very difficult to go against all odds and live at one’s discretion and pleasure; but those who succeed in living at their own accord are considered taboo in the society and looked down upon. Only those who bury their heads in sand and turn deaf ear and blind eye towards the unjustified dominance and monkey wrenches have an upper hand and a leg up at every opportunity they grab.

Now, it’s upto us, are we on the side of the shibboleth, i.e., common sayings or beliefs with little or no present meaning or truth; or would we for once be bold and outright enough to gang up with the heterodox and tread the paths of vicissitude with them!


Kalyug? Karma! 

Talking about Kalyug and Karma together makes me feel like drinking hot chocolate and eating chocolate ice cream at the same time. So intensely contrast but still the extracts of same origin.

Karma is so popular! It is said to take revenge! I mean like really? In a world of science and horse sense, believing in something as superficial and baseless (non-existent, saying neoterically) as Karma sounds dumb and hysterical. Isn’t it? 

Instead of waiting for Karma to play it’s game, we should take revenge ourselves and bark on a dog if it barks on us. THIS IS WHAT KALYUG IS ALL ABOUT. 

KALYUG, or the AGE OF DOWNFALL! So aptly named, right? Everything is going down. If you know what I mean. The great part is that Kalyug is dominating Karma! The few selfless beings and their deeds are crushed by the burden of the pomp, show and fancy of Kalyug. 

To be precise, Kalyug is the private sector and Karma the government sector. 

Kalyug- Too much gain in a short time but immensely insecure and temporary, just like a house of cards.

Karma- Very slow execution but infinitely effective and permanent. 

It’s really hard and requires a nearly impossible amount of patience to believe in Karma in Kalyug. But the dominance of Kalyug is just like that of the villain in a bollywood movie, which seems to be scary and dangerous before the interval and turns out to be a comic buffoon later! 

I had a talk with Karma. This is what it said or rather beautifully said! 

“I might seem weak and low
Ever heard of a zero? 

Good gets better and bad gets worse
Take it as a boon or as a curse!

Wait for me, don’t react! 
I do take revenge, it’s a fact.

Yeah! They do call me a bitch.
Maybe cause I neither ditch or switch
Be it the Weasleys or Richie Rich!” 

I was mesmerised. I never knew Karma was a rhythmic bitch! Being a human being, a selfish thought of confronting Karma came itno my mind and I decided that today I’ll balance everything wrong that has ever happened to me. I was like, “Hey Karma! what about the people who hurt me? Will they be hurt equally?”

“Intentions matter, actions don’t
I do and will always haunt

Teach them a lesson they’ll never forget
Beware! I’m their life’s biggest threat! 

But, don’t be on cloud nine, it’s too soon
None’s perfect, beheld the moon?

I forgive like a mother when I see
Deeds reversed, for the balance to be!”

I stood there agape. Perfect silence all around. It vanished. Leaving me behind. It taught me something I had never learnt. Forgiveness. Everything that came after it, was bliss. No more hate and no more regrets were left. Karma had Batista bombed Kalyug right infront of me! It remains victorious eternally! 

Sum and substance

We live. We exist. We dwell. 

But are we what we really are? Do we do what we believe we should or are alien forces the reason behind our actions? The egos being dead flowers are irrigated by all sorts of materialistic contentments which result into decay of our characters. If we could just know who we really are and what we really want! 

 We die. We end. We’re over.

 Confusing, isn’t it? Let’s sum it up. 


Let’s just be mesmerised
by how God rolls the dice.
A day like ice,
a day like spice.

He keeps count,
of all we are about
and there’s no doubt
he knows everything; inside out.

Who do we try to fool? 
Pretending to be cool,
over shimmery stuff we drool
enchanting,” My world, my rule!”

Trying hard to be what we are not,
forgetting every piece taught
and then finally we are caught
it ends with a full stop, a mere dot. 

Flood inside, outside drought
never could we ever sought
or could either jot
but yeah! We got everything bought! 

Flowering a dead flower in a pot
which only led to rot
I wish we would have fought
besides the bought, we’d have got a lot! 

A dark drama over a fairytale! 

“Not again!” She screamed. 

“Even this useless face pack didn’t work!” Her dismay rolling down her cheeks leaving a wet imprint like that of the trail left behind a snail.

The whole day was spent on the internet searching for some other product to remodel her world from a dark drama into a fairytale. 

Yes, she was tan! Not because of the sun but because of being the daughter of the son of a dark or rather beautifully dark complexioned woman. It was embedded in her genes. She wanted to change. She didn’t like the way she was? No. She wanted others to like her. No matter whatever she had to do to receive that mere compliance. 

Despite of her sharp nose, perfectly radiant eyes and beautifully carved lips, alongwith her smart brain and poised body, she couldn’t get her dream job of an air-hostess as being white coloured was a potent factor.

She was everything but fair. Nobody noticed the soul which was the purest of them all. They judged her, she judged herself too. The proceedings resulted into her being condemned to lifelong prison in her own dingy darkness. 

Why? Why do we have to decide the fate of a person just by making the colour of the skin, the shape of the body or the religion the pith of our perception? Everyone talks about equality but fail to fathom it. 

People’s appearance should not be the measure of their worth; we all are way more than that. 

Stop remaking yourself into someone else, instead, find your true self in what you aesthetically are and fall for yourself platonically! 

The beginning. 

It’s been a long time that I’ve been thinking of writing something officially and sharing it with people. 

To be very honest, I didn’t have enough confidence that people might not like my write-ups or I might even be trolled for the same. Now, it’s high time that I just come out with whatever I have without being self-conscious  anymore. 

Let’s be blunt and truthful at the same time. This is the beginning to some heartfelt and life-experienced moments put into words. 

That sudden urge of the sub-conscious mind and intense itching in one’s palm boosted with the solitude of a heavy heart is what makes penning one’s thoughts down irresistible. As a positive consequence, I’ll try to come up with stuff: both observatory and self-experienced, or sometimes out of nowhere maybe! 

Thanks for reading! ☺️