Sum and substance

We live. We exist. We dwell. 

But are we what we really are? Do we do what we believe we should or are alien forces the reason behind our actions? The egos being dead flowers are irrigated by all sorts of materialistic contentments which result into decay of our characters. If we could just know who we really are and what we really want! 

 We die. We end. We’re over.

 Confusing, isn’t it? Let’s sum it up. 


Let’s just be mesmerised
by how God rolls the dice.
A day like ice,
a day like spice.

He keeps count,
of all we are about
and there’s no doubt
he knows everything; inside out.

Who do we try to fool? 
Pretending to be cool,
over shimmery stuff we drool
enchanting,” My world, my rule!”

Trying hard to be what we are not,
forgetting every piece taught
and then finally we are caught
it ends with a full stop, a mere dot. 

Flood inside, outside drought
never could we ever sought
or could either jot
but yeah! We got everything bought! 

Flowering a dead flower in a pot
which only led to rot
I wish we would have fought
besides the bought, we’d have got a lot! 

A dark drama over a fairytale! 

“Not again!” She screamed. 

“Even this fucking face pack didn’t work!” Her dismay rolling down her cheeks leaving a wet imprint like that of the trail left behind a snail.

The whole day was spent on the internet searching for some other product to remodel her world from a dark drama into a fairytale. 

Yes, she was tan! Not because of the sun but because of being the daughter of the son of a dark or rather beautifully dark complexioned woman. It was embedded in her genes. She wanted to change. She didn’t like the way she was? No. She wanted others to like her. No matter whatever she had to do to receive that mere compliance. 

Despite of her sharp nose, perfectly radiant eyes and beautifully carved lips, alongwith her smart brain and poised body, she couldn’t get her dream job of an air-hostess as being white coloured was a potent factor.

She was everything but fair. Nobody noticed the soul which was the purest of them all. They judged her, she judged herself too. The proceedings resulted into her being condemned to lifelong prison in her own dingy darkness. 

Why? Why do we have to decide the fate of a person just by making the colour of the skin, the shape of the body or the religion the pith of our perception? Everyone talks about equality but fail to fathom it. 

People’s appearance should not be the measure of their worth; we all are way more than that. 

Stop remaking yourself into someone else, instead, find your true self in what you aesthetically are and fall for yourself platonically! 

The beginning. 

It’s been a long time that I’ve been thinking of writing something officially and sharing it with people. 

To be very honest, I didn’t have enough confidence that people might not like my write-ups or I might even be trolled for the same. Now, it’s high time that I just come out with whatever I have without being self-conscious  anymore. 

Let’s be blunt and truthful at the same time. This is the beginning to some heartfelt and life-experienced moments put into words. 

That sudden urge of the sub-conscious mind and intense itching in one’s palm boosted with the solitude of a heavy heart is what makes penning one’s thoughts down irresistible. As a positive consequence, I’ll try to come up with stuff: both observatory and self-experienced, or sometimes out of nowhere maybe! 

Thanks for reading! ☺️